Summer Holidays in Yerevan, Armenia

12:41, Monday, 08 April, 2019
Summer Holidays in Yerevan, Armenia

     Summer Holidays in Yerevan, Armenia

Armenia is a country with a summer mood, along with all its attributes: the gentle sun, lovely cafes - open until late at night, cozy gardens, singing fountains and many others.

By the way, in summer, Armenia also hosts the "Vardavar" church holiday. On this day, it is customary to pour water on each other, so the country turns into one big, fun playground where no one is offended because of being splashed with water.


Yerevan itself is a fantastic place to visit and stay. So here are some things to do in Yerevan in summer!

Armenian cognac tasting

How should a person begin his acquaintance with Armenia and Yerevan? That's right, from brandy, or rather from Yerevan Brandy Factory. Have a nice time tasting Armenian favorite and legendary alcohol drinks.

Dancing Fountains in the Republic Square

An ideal evening after tasting famous Armenian drinks can be a walk around the city, a walk in the Republic Square where you can admire "singing and dancing fountains".

Fountains can be observed for quite some time. A lot of people gather here, and not only tourists. As for restaurants near Republic Square, they are many of them with a pleasant view and good service.


Festivals and events in summer

Make sure to take part in all the festivals, events and holidays happening in summer in Yerevan.

Armenian festivals 2019

• Argentine Tango festival
     Date: June (updating)
     Location: Yerevan, Armenia

• Golden Apricot Yerevan International film festival 2019
     Date: July 7-14
     Location: "Moscow" Cinema, Yerevan

• Watermelon Festival
     Date: July (updating)
     Location: Yerevan, Armenia


• Taraz Festival
     Date: July 27
     Location: Yerevan, Armenia

• Vardavar (Water Fest)
     Date: July 28
     Location: Yerevan

• Yerevan beer fest
     Date: August 3
     Location: Yerevan, Armenia

Holidays in Armenia

• International Day for Protection of Children
     Date: June 1

• RA Constitution Day
     Date: July 5

Where to stay in Yerevan?

Messier 53 hotel Yerevan, which is situated right in the center of Yerevan, is ready to welcome all the visitors! Here you will be able to find the most modern rooms with all the conveniences! Make sure to book your room in Messier53 hotel and enjoy your stay in Yerevan, Armenia.

Source: Messier 53
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