Armenia Hotel Star Rating Guide

16:12, Friday, 22 March, 2019
Armenia Hotel Star Rating Guide

In order to master hotel secrets, first, you need to understand the importance of star classification of hotels and the needs of the guests.

So let's discover the classification of the hotels by stars.

6 and 7-star hotels

6 and 7-star hotels are considered to be the most luxurious and most of them are found in UAE. In these hotels everything is made of gold, even helicopter platforms and other royal facilities can be found there. Such hotels are a great luxury for a modest country like Armenia, so the highest quality hotels in Armenia are five-star hotels.

5-star hotels


At 5-star hotels, all your dreams come true instantly, as you pay a lot of money for your convenience. In 5-star hotel rooms, you will find beds with orthopaedic mattresses, plasma TV, refrigerator, mini bar, shower, Wi-Fi, fitness centre, etc., depending on the hotel. The best example of a 5-star hotel can be Golden Palace Yerevan Hotel, located at the very heart of Yerevan, 11 North Avenue, next to the Republic Square.

4-star hotels

4-star hotels are not very different from 5-star hotels, maybe the main difference can be considered the location of the hotel and amenities which cannot match with the 5-star hotel standards. The area of the 4-star hotels is typically small, as compared to the size of a 5-star hotel. The swimming pool and tennis courts are also small, or they are completely absent. You can not find luxury in this hotel, but there are all the conditions for a relaxed stay.

3, 2, 1 star hotels

3.2.1 star hotels are designed exclusively for sleeping. Here you will find no special conveniences, but the cost of staying in these hotels is lower accordingly. In the room, you will find fewer furniture. These hotels are mainly for budgetary leisure because they are cheap.

The best hotel in Yerevan

Golden Palace Hotel Yerevan is one of the best 5-star hotels in Yerevan, which has opened its hospitable doors to visitors since 2018, but the history of this hotel chain goes back to May 2005 when Golden Palace opened its first hotel at 2/2 Azatutyan Street.

Visit Golden Palace Yerevan Hotel and spend your holidays with us.

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