P1Harmony - HARMONY: ALL IN (2023) {Zip Download Album}

Selena Math
Selena Math
22:58, Friday, 09 June, 2023
P1Harmony - HARMONY: ALL IN (2023) {Zip Download Album}
     P1Harmony (피원하모니) HARMONY ALL IN mp3 rar MEGA Full Album zip file m4a Torrent magnet 320 kbps Mediafire

     01 JUMP
     02 Love Me For Me
     03 New Classic
     04 More Than Words
     05 Heartbeat Drum
     06 I Am You

P1Harmony is back on their journey towards a harmonious world with the release of their sixth mini album HARMONY: ALL IN. Released on June 8th, the EP is a 6-track project that marks the end of the group’s HARMONY series consisting of HARMONY: Zero In, released in July 2022, and HARMONY: Set In, released in November, 2022.

In true P1Harmony fashion, they open the EP with high-energy. With a catchy repetitive chorus and old-school vibe, the title track JUMP urges P1ece to join in on P1 Harmony's fun. This opener is filled with addicting melodies that, like the title, makes you want to stand up and jump. The dissenting melody of the chorus gives the track an old-school vibe.

They slow it down slightly with a song perfectly fit for the summer. Love Me For Me is a feel good, groovy track utilizing staccato piano rhythms and claps to set the stage. Mirroring the refreshing sound with a positive message, the song celebrates loving oneself with lyrics like "nobody can love me like I do" and "there’s nothing like self love."

Following Love Me For Me is New Classic, a very P1Harmony sounding track with its rap heavy verses, vocally guided pre-chorus into a big chorus. One can already imagine a Soul dance break during the post bridge instrumental break.

After New Classic, the vocal line *** a little bit more time to shine in More Than Words. The soft track plays around with pretty-sounding melodies and harmonies but the vibe switches to a heavier feeling when the rappers come in at the second verse and again in the bridge. This shift between light and heavy throughout the song gives it a nice edge and gives listeners an audible twist, something new to expect halfway into the track.

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