Chase Matthew - Come Get Your Memory (2023) {Mp3 Zip Album} Download

Selena Math
Selena Math
21:27, Friday, 09 June, 2023
Chase Matthew - Come Get Your Memory (2023) {Mp3 Zip Album} Download
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     01 Blink
     02 Come Get Your Memory
     03 Do All Dogs Go To Heaven
     04 Do Me Like that
     05 Downtown
     06 Fall For Those I's
     07 Fine By Me
     08 Girl I Know
     09 Good Day For a Heartbreak
     10 Good Time To Go
     11 Hey Montana
     12 Love You Again
     13 Loving You Is Like
     14 Make A Memory
     15 Moonlight
     16 My Drinking Song
     17 Never Change
     18 Nothing To Do With Me
     19 Outlaw Gospel
     20 Rainy Days
     21 Saw Me Here
     22 Somebody Else’s Truck
     23 The Way I Am
     24 This Ain’t Working
     25 Where There’s Smoke


Chase Matthew is ready to capture attention with his major label debut album Come Get Your Memory. The "County Line" singer seems to have all the makings of a country star: confidence, energy, and a voice perfect for radio. Co-writing nearly every track, the new 25-song album will leave everyone talking about this rising talent.

The project begins with "Blink." It's a reflective look back on the town that made him who he is today. Complete with lyrics about friends, hanging in the outskirts, and good times, Matthew lets listeners know what he's all about. "Outlaw Gospel" is another heavy-hitting country track. Mathew's voice vibrates through every line steeped in backroad devotion. "I find God when it rains on a tin roof / Gets me back to my roots / Somewhere down a two-lane blacktop / It leans out to a no-name road / Where we find every way we that can get lost / Running all night till we made it back home."

There is no shortage of heartbreak songs for someone to jam out to. "Never Change" has a pounding chorus that echoes someone who feels betrayed. "You said you loved me / But did you mean it? / Said I'm your only / And I believed it." "Somebody Else's Truck" was co-written by HARDY, Conner Smith, Hunter Phelps, Ashley Gorley, and Ben Johnson. With that many hitmakers, this tune certainly stands out. It identifies with the feeling that the person you once loved is long gone with someone else.

Matthew also sings about the good that comes with falling in love. "Moonlight" happens to be one of Matthew's personal favorites on the album. It's all about getting that one person to spend time where no one else is around. "Loving You Is Like" is a solo write for the singer. He sings of all the reasons one can be so infatuated with another. "Girl I Know" has an infectious melody much like the majority of Matthew's songs with lines, "Girl I know I don't tell you all the time / But every day I wake up with you on my mind / I know I'm a little hard to love sometimes / But thank God you do."

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