Want To Be Successful In Dating In 2024? Avoid Chats That Start With "Hey"

12:23, Tuesday, 14 May, 2024
Want To Be Successful In Dating In 2024? Avoid Chats That Start With "Hey"

Research has it that January is indeed the most popular opportunity to meet singles. However, a new year might present some new trends. Singles count on hope, but there needs to be something that offers them great inspiration. I am talking about the dating app OkCupid and its role in helping single people cross the murky waters to find meaningful connections.


Data collection and where it points

Helping singles the best way is not an exciting walk in the part, and thus it had to embark on the examination of some of 2019's major dating trends. It was after this move that he succeeded in figuring out some practical tips on ways singles could move their dating game to the next level. Get more interesting details about major dating trends check out this site .


The data used was collected from over 2000 respondents. A conversation ignited by women had higher chances of garnering responses, and that was 2.5 times more. Just the same case it is with most of the other studies, time was of essence in this particular case as well.


When speaking of time, I am specifically talking about the right timing. In this case, it was evident that Sunday was the best day of all the seven when it came to proper planning of dates. It was also of essence to decipher and outline the particular hour, and 5pm popped up as the most popular time.


Put your best foot forward

Sending out a word of caution to users due to striking conversations with the word 'Hey' was necessary, and that was considering the outcomes. There was a higher probability that using the term could get singles ignored. In an attempt to help users and enable them to reach their goals, the app gave out a recommendation. It outlined that users needed to maintain their first text to about 140 characters at least. He added that it would be prudent to engage the other person on a particular question or picture to achieve some desirable outcomes.


Men highlighted as conservative

Data collected also revealed some astonishing facts that were a shocker to many people. The discovery that men were more traditionally romantic compared to women was not something most researchers expected. A massive figure of about 77% men took the stand that they were the most romantic. On the other hand, the figure for women lagged, standing at 65%.


The idea of traditional romance was the other thing. It was intriguing to discover that about 93% of men considered the long walks on the beach romantic, which clashed with the 91% representing women. The knowledge that 55% of women and 70% of men preferred romancing in the woods to Paris snuggling was also something that left most researchers amazed. Another interesting question that popped up was ways to show a partner that one cared. It came to light that 43% of men believed the sense of touch was every effective. They elaborated that by touch they implied kisses, hugs and massage. There was a 15% who according to the studies preferred word of mouth where they would indicate to their partners that they cared and appreciated them. A very small percentage said they preferred giving out gifts such as flowers and jewels. The research indicated the figure as standing at about 4%, which was understandable.

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