What happens if QuickBooks Cannot Communicate with the Company File

jhon henry
jhon henry
22:54, Tuesday, 31 January, 2023
What happens if QuickBooks Cannot Communicate with the Company File

There are multiple things that can create a lot of problems while you try to work on Quickbooks. But what will you do if QuickBooks cannot Communicate with the Company File? It is a scenario where you will not be able to work efficiently and properly. So in this case you will have to follow a fixed pattern and get rid of this issue. Here we are mentioning a few ways by which you can get this done.


And you will not have to worry at all because if you are getting the error message of quickbooks cannot connect to the company file; that means you have run into a network firewall or some other interruption problem.


Step 1: Download and install Quickbooks Tools hub


The first thing that you have to do to fix this problem is to download the QuickBooks Tools Hub on your desktop. If you already have it we would suggest that you update it to the latest version so that you face no other issues while using the hub.


Once you have executed this solution; the next thing for you will be to run the Quickbooks File Doctor. This is one of the offerings of the Tools Hub. You will have to use this file doctor to get the problem solved. It is a partially automated system.

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Step 2: Updating Quickbooks


Majorly the problem where "quickbooks cannot open company file on network" resolves in the previous step. But if you still face this issue; that can be due to the Quickbooks application itself. There are chances that some of the important updates of the application are pending and that’s causing this problem.


So open your Quickbooks Desktop and then download the updates that are available. In this you will have to pick all the updates minor or major. Get them done once and for all.


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Step 3: Checking the firewall settings


The next important step that you will have to perform is checking the firewall settings. You’ll have to go through the entire setting section and check step-by-step whether QuickBooks has the permission to go through it or not. Many times the windows defender or the antivirus you are using can flag QuickBooks as a threat.


So we would suggest that you open the settings of your firewall for all the antivirus you are using and check the same. If QuickBooks is not allowed or isn’t granted the permissions it requires you should do that at the earliest. And there are high chances that if you are following these steps you will be able to fix this problem for good.




Maybe QuickBooks can't access company file on server because of some other reason. And that you aren’t able to figure out. If that’s the case with you; we would suggest connecting with an expert. You can call one of our team members for support and help on +1.855.738.0359 . They are here to help you out with all your problems regarding Quickbooks.

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