PaperCoach.net Review: Learn More About PaperCoach Writing Services

16:09, Tuesday, 31 January, 2023
PaperCoach.net Review: Learn More About PaperCoach Writing Services

What seems like a really plain website design and an easy-to-navigate site turned out to be a tiring experience for us when we did our PaperCoach review research. The site looks nice, though it does lack some details and a bit more color. Even so, PaperCoach presents their purpose quite clearly, which is to help students live their academic life assignment-free.


Though we do not recommend avoiding all papers and assignments, a writing company can really help you some times. This is why we’ve tried to establish the answer to the question 'is papercoach legit or not'. From the limited PaperCoach reviews you’ll find online, this isn’t what you’d call a popular service. Let’s see why that is.


PaperCoach Services Overview


When it comes to a service list, papercoach.net is really, really limited. They have less than a dozen choices for you. These choices are the following: book report help, discussion post help, essay help, mathematics – online or written, online coursework help, PowerPoint, resume, cover letter, and Skype sessions.


There are many things that are unclear about this list. For example, what do they mean by ‘discussion post help’? Or, what kind of essay help do they provide? Are the Skype sessions tutoring for some subject or do they teach you to write?


There are plenty of things that were left unanswered to us. When we spoke to their support about the papercoach essays and other services, they only told us to order what we need and wait for a quote. No one really knew how to answer these questions.


We must admit, this is a really odd choice of services. The company has a really limited choice of academic papers and yet, they have some kind of tutoring and even job application help?! It's no wonder why the PaperCoach reviews are so limited. We don't see many people ordering here considering how unclear the website is.


PaperCoach Pricing


Despite the issues we described so far, there is nothing worse than not giving the prices to the customers. Here you’ll only see an example price, which is $22 per page for a deadline of five days. We repeat, this is an estimate and based on our experience, it doesn’t even come close to their actual prices.


You have to wait to get a quote based on your order. The price they show isn’t cheap at all and no one tells you what paper it is for or what academic level it’s applied to. So, when we asked for an essay paper for a college level and the same deadline, we *** entirely different quotes.


At this point, we thought that you send your request to a team, they evaluate it, assign a price and a writer. But no, this isn’t a service that works this way. Apparently, this is a bidding service, so we had to wait for bids.


There was a lower bid than $22, but also some really high bids. We ended up choosing the lowest bid since even that’s not considered cheap on this market. Also, the writer’s profile seemed amazing.

     PaperCoach Discounts


Whenever you come across writing companies, know that they don’t have discounts. They simply can't offer them since the writers choose their bid. At the same time, we found several active papercoach discounts on depapers.com.


This was a real shame since, as it seems, their writers aren’t honest about their qualifications. So, what looked like an amazing chance for us to get a good essay turned out to be scam. The essay was costly and full of plagiarism, something which is unacceptable with writing companies.


PaperCoach Other features


There aren’t any additional features you can choose here. You can ask the writers for anything you need and they’ll calculate their service in the quote. However, be careful about the papercoach writers profiles since they probably aren’t checked by the service very carefully. You might want to discuss a bit with the writer before you order to see if they are native speakers in the first place. Judged by the paper quality, ours definitely was not one.




There are more reasons not to choose papercoach than they are to buy from it. In fact, we found so many things wrong about this service, we fully understand their lack of popularity now. The PaperCoach has a limited and strange service list, a really disorganized bidding system, as well as high prices. They have no discounts or special features, and while you might get a low rate from their bidders, the profiles of the writers aren’t always accurate. This puts you in a great risk of getting a bad writer, or even a person who isn’t fluent in English. Finally, there was the issue we had with plagiarism in our paper.


Because of all this, we simply can’t recommend to anyone to use PaperCoach.net writing service.

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