Ichessu- One Of The Top-Ranked Chess Academies In The United States

14:55, Monday, 28 November, 2022
Ichessu- One Of The Top-Ranked Chess Academies In The United States

APRIL 21, 2022/ USA: Chess is one of the most fun and challenging games people enjoy. It is even more fun when the participants are familiar with the game and enjoy its competitiveness. Finding quality chess classes is not easy, especially for kids. As a result, iChessU is a chess academy in Bellingham, Massachusetts, USA, that has set out to make the entire process as easy as possible with live online chess classes for children. This company offers lessons for players of all skill levels and ages, from children to adults. It also provides private and group lessons delivered by professional chess coaches with years of experience.

Select A Reliable Chess Lesson Plan fromIchessu

iChessU offers a variety of chess lesson plans ranging from a few hours of chess lessons per month up to 20 hours per month. Its top-notch coaches are always ready to start the process for kids and adults, regardless of their levels. Clients can also decide whether to book individual or group chess lessons. Once the lesson request is received, the company sends an email confirmation with the lesson time and the coach's information. All lesson bookings are made online through the website, however, the first lesson is usually free.

Chess Beginners Lessons

There is a unique beginner's online chess learning module that helps them understand chess by taking a step-by-step lesson. The tutors have won several awards in the sport and have a lot of experience teaching beginners, adults, and children. With the growth of online platforms, learning chess online saves the client time and money spent traveling to and from a physical class. The beginner classes are cost-effective and productive, adapting the game to the learner's level. Learners can effectively master the game online thanks to its comprehensive and simple module. Chess enhances the proactiveness of the player by improving concentration and general mental growth.

General Chess Rules

Basic rules are vital if a person wants to learn chess because they are explained in simple, easy-to-understand terms. From the board set up to how every piece moves, iChessU explains every rule before the start of the beginners' lesson. White is always the first to move, and the players take turns moving the pieces. Movement is mandatory when each player's turn to move comes, and each type of piece has its movement method. A piece is either moved to another position or it may capture an opponent's piece, replacing it on its square. Only the knight is allowed to move over or through any of the other pieces.

About iChessU

Chess is one of the games that is challenging to master, especially for beginners. For people to fully enjoy chess, knowing all the rules and how to play is pretty crucial. IChessU is a chess academy that offers online chess classes for individuals or small groups, kids, adults, and seniors. This academy hosts all levels of players, from beginners to international masters. Professional coaches tailor the program to fit all levels.

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