Choose finest OTS Services from FundSource

19:40, Wednesday, 05 October, 2022
Choose finest OTS Services from FundSource

Different kinds of expenses are necessary for varying stages of life. Your parents initially take care of your needs as a youngster by giving you food, shelter, amusement, and education. It's time for you to start bearing the weight of these costs now that you're an adult. But what happens if your expenses are higher than your income? You might think about obtaining your first loan.

You might use a loan to pay for a delivery, a lavish wedding, and more! However, no matter how detailed your repayment plan may appear, you cannot account for every potential obstacle. You run the risk of becoming a victim of unforeseen events like job loss or accidents. Everything mentioned above would severely limit your ability to repay the debt.

In such scenarios, financial institutions or banks may approach with OTS (One Time Settlement) solution.


What is OTS?

One-time settlements, often known as OTS, are compromise agreements banks have entered into to recover non-performing assets (NPAs) . In the OTS method, the defaulting borrower proposes to pay off all outstanding debts at once, and the banks agree to accept a lower sum than what was initially owed. Banks waive or write off the loan to settle it, forgoing a portion of their profit.


How does FundSource India help with OTS Finance?

It is natural that unfortunate incidents can cause trouble repaying the loan, which can convert your account into NPA (Non-Performing Asset) . To recover NPA, FundSource India comes into play by providing OTS Funding & OTS Finance to organizations of scales & sizes.


Our approach is to repay the settlement amount in the lowest time possible. Experts in OTS Finance, Fund Source India, assist clients in raising money for their OTS.

· We assess and evaluate the client's business

· We highlight securities

We strive to look for the best option possible to repay the loan. Not just in arranging the funding, but we help with documentation and all the required processes throughout the client's journey.


Guidelines for OTS Funding

We adhere to guidelines issued by RBI and provide reliable OTS Finance services to our customers.

  • We can lend loans as per the requirement of the clients. Our experts understand the nature of the financial record and help with full, partial, or quarter funding.
  • The repayment cycle is from 1 to 5 years, considering the conditions of the client's business.
  • The client needs to give a guarantee from a friend/relative; we accept monthly repayments.
  • We finance across all major cities of India.
  • Our ROI is the lowest compared to market rates.
  • We settle your loan within 20-25 days.


We are a full-service insurance and financial organization with over a decade of experience serving the community. Our clients choose us because of trust and reliability; we can help you overcome stressful times with an array of financial services.

Source: Fund Source
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