Visit Datxanhhomes Riverside salegallery

19:24, Friday, 16 September, 2022
Visit Datxanhhomes Riverside salegallery

As a well-invested project, DatXanhhomes Riverside District 2 quickly became the focus of the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City. Customers can experience "trying" the modern living space and outstanding amenities by registering to visit the model house of Dat Xanh Homes Riverside apartment.

     The model house gives a visual look at the real estate formed in the future. The model houses are built and fully designed with full interior equipment and basic decoration to help customers visualize the layout design on the drawing board to the actual image. The sample house space will also provide suggestions for design ideas or suitable interior packages for each type of property. In addition, customers visiting the model house also provide advice on investment measures and choose the right apartment for their needs.

Datxanhhomes Riverside Studio Apartment

     The type of apartment is optimal for single customers or small families who prefer a minimalist and comfortable lifestyle. The apartments have a small area from …, Studio Datxanhhomes Riverside apartments arrange functional rooms on one floor and have no partitions. For this type of apartment, the outstanding point is the convenience and comfort of living space.

     Datxanhhomes Riverside – 1 bedroom apartment

     Datxanhhomes Riverside 1 bedroom apartment is a great solution for young, active customers or small families with few members who love convenience. The 1-bedroom model house has a streamlined design, with an average area of 49m². The living room and bedroom are designed separately with partitions. The apartment has many large glass windows and a spacious balcony area. With this design, the apartment is optimized for exposure to sunlight and natural wind, helping to air-condition the whole apartment, without being secretive. Thanks to many large windows and large balconies, the view from the 1-room apartment is also optimized. The kitchen area is linked with the living room space by the dining table area.

     Datxanhhomesomes Riverside – 2 bedroom apartment

     The design of a 2-bedroom apartment Datxanhhomes Riverside has an area of 71 - 85m². Possessing a more spacious living space, the 2-bedroom apartment is suitable for families with 1-2 small children, or customers who prefer comfort and need a large space. The bedrooms are arranged with large windows for natural sunlight. The kitchen area is designed to be open to the living room, the 2-bedroom apartment also has a 2PN +1 type, suitable for designing a flexible space, maybe a third bedroom, an office, a playground for the family. small child….

Datxanhhomes Riverside – 3 bedroom apartment

     With a large area of 3-bedroom apartments Datxanhhomes Riverside is suitable for families with many members, multi-generational. The average area is from 94-95m², including 1 living room, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen + dining area, balcony and loggia. The large area brings openness to the apartment, the balcony area is also arranged large, residents can design into small functional areas for the family such as: garden - green vegetables, tea drinking area. for grandparents or a cafe area to rest, read books to parents….

     See more: https://datxanhhomesriverside.land/tin-tuc/tham-quan-nha-mau-datxanhhomes-riverside/

Visit Datxanhhomes Riverside salegallery
Visit Datxanhhomes Riverside salegallery
Visit Datxanhhomes Riverside salegallery
Visit Datxanhhomes Riverside salegallery
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