How to Use QuickBooks Conversion Tool and Convert Other Files?

John Levi
John Levi
15:45, Thursday, 15 September, 2022
How to Use QuickBooks Conversion Tool and Convert Other Files?

One impeccable tool that has proved to be a big respite for QuickBooks users for translating data to the accounting software is the QuickBooks conversion tool. By availing of the benefits of this tool, users can conveniently transfer their essential data from an outdated computer system to QuickBooks. To convert your present data, you simply need to choose the QuickBooks "version, " and the Conversion Tool will take care of the rest. You can convert your QuickBooks files, including your company files across other programs by using this beneficial tool.

Furthermore, this impeccable tool also enables you to convert particular QuickBooks versions of Quicken, Sage, or other accounting software. To learn more about this state-of-the-art conversion tool and the procedure explaining how to use QuickBooks Conversion Tool, make sure to read this blog till the end.


Data that can be converted by QuickBooks Conversion Tool

You must be aware of the types of data that the QuickBooks Desktop Conversion Tool can convert before you start the conversion process. So let's start by going through the list of things that the Tool can convert.

• Account balances

• Paychecks

• The employee's profile and other pertinent details, such as their contact information

• Transactions involving both customers and vendors.

• Lists of accounts, employees, clients, and suppliers


Data that cannot be converted by this Tool

The following items are in the list of things that the QuickBooks Conversion Tool cannot convert:

• Fixture Assets

• Payroll transactions and most recent employee data

• Employee wage or deduction data

• Work tickets

• Sales orders, purchase orders, and estimates that have been closed or partially closed.

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