90 degree ethanol production company in Ho Chi Minh City

10:08, Tuesday, 16 August, 2022
90 degree ethanol production company in Ho Chi Minh City

90 degree ethanol production company in Ho Chi Minh City
     If hospitals are looking for 90 degree ethanol production company in Ho Chi Minh City with good price, they should not ignore Quang Trung Alcohol Factory. Quang Trung Alcohol has the role of producing ethanol alcohol, including 90 degree ethanol.

As a unit specializing in ethanol production, Quang Trung Production and Trading Co., Ltd. has cheaper alcohol prices than other companies. However, still keep receiving the standards of the Ministry of Health and standard regulations.

70 degrees Celsius ethanol storage and preservation

As one of the reputable 90 degree ethanol suppliers with standards and relatively low prices that suppliers and manufacturers can refer to is Quang TrungChem.

The product has been supplied and distributed throughout Vietnam as well as internationally such as Thailand, Myanmar, etc. Quang TrungChem brings standard 90 degree ethanol products, preferential prices for suppliers and units that buy in quantity. great. Professional production process, quality testing will help the company feel more secure when consuming products from Quang TrungChem.

Quang TrungChem – Standard 96 ethanol processing factory

Quang Trung Con unit has a professional goal of always taking standards first, along with dedicated service. We specialize in the supply and trade of quality 90 degree ethanol, meeting the high standards of the Japanese and Korean markets, the European markets, and the Australian markets.

With a Japanese molecular filtration system, the ingredient completely removes up to 96.5% of water. We are proud to be the unit with an average annual export volume of approximately 60, 000 tons/year. And received news from more than 2, 000 units in and out of the country.

Our unit's 90-degree ethanol product is supplied, fermented, and distilled from cane molasses to meet the standards of TCVN 6-3 BYT (standards for receiving the BYT for use in the food industry), meeting the requirements. food hygiene requirements.

standard ethanol alcohol 70 degrees

With modern American odor removal treatment technology, Quang TrungChem's 90-degree ethanol solution will keep the sweet aroma without denaturation or loss of flavor when used together with other food ingredients. Modulation with process automation up to 95%. The finished product standard is up to 96% at normal temperature of 20ºC.

Units want to learn about this item. Please call Quang Trung Con Factory immediately for a thorough quote. We accept orders and support bills of lading nationwide.

What is 90 degree ethanol alcohol?
     Today, Ethanol 90 is mostly used as a wound antiseptic and some medical tools.

Ethanol, also known as ethanol, has the structural formula C2H6O or C2H5OH.

Ethanol 90 is prepared in the form of a solution, received in bottles with different volumes, ensuring for many purposes. Bottle with content: 30ml, 50ml, 60ml, 100ml, 500ml, .

Ethanol can be produced at different concentrations in the range of 60% to 90% and can be used for disinfection. Besides, it is recommended that the 70% ethanol concentration form is the best antiseptic ability.

Uses of Ethanol 90
     The main effect of alcohol 90 degrees often used in the medical profession Used for the purpose of disinfecting, or wounds.

In addition, when producing alcohol bottles with a volume of about 30ml - 50ml, 70% ethanol is suitable for disinfection.

company providing 70 degree ethanol in Danang

Ethanol: Where to buy cheap ethanol 90 alcohol products


  1. Although it has a high alcohol content, 90-degree ethanol is not as good as 70-degree ethanol and is easy to irritate and dry the skin.
  2. should not be in direct contact with ethanol alcohol or any part of the body
  3. Alcohol should not be produced directly into beverages or foods.
  4. When in direct contact with alcohol with high alcohol content, you should wear a medical mask.
  5. When in contact with ethanol alcohol in the eyes must be quickly cleaned with spring water

Effects of Ethanol 90
     The ratio of 7: 3 of 70% ethanol has been studied to be the optimal antiseptic ability, when this volume is enough to keep the alcohol on the skin for a long time to disinfect. 90 degree alcohol has a lower percentage of water, so it evaporates relatively quickly.

Alcohol 90 degrees ethanol for medical use
     Ethanol 90 has the role of receiving alcohol for general use in the supply of drugs such as anesthetics and antiseptics. Not only that, it also works as an antiseptic, disinfectant and detoxifying ingredient.

In particular, in the medical profession, alcohol with a concentration of 90 degrees or 90 degrees is often used to disinfect wounds or items:

Ethanol 90 ethanol: is a disinfectant used to clean the outer skin before injecting, operating or applying medicine to the wound... The main substance is a 90% ethanol solution and excipients just enough for 1 bottle of 60ml/ 500ml/1 liter. This is the most optimal choice for disinfection.

Effects of Alcohol 90 degrees ethanol

Ethanol 90 is supplied from ethanol 96, plays an important role to specialize in disinfecting skin wounds and disinfecting medical devices that have been applied to, often receiving applications in hospitals or clinics.

  • Used for the purpose of cleaning and disinfecting medical instruments, disinfecting wounds, sterilizing medical equipment.
  • Alcohol 90 degrees ethanol is always used to soak alcohol in medical cotton and then apply it to the skin to disinfect.
  • Disinfect the wound several times a day, to ensure the wound during the day.

Alcohol 90 degrees ethanol disinfect medical equipment

In using alcohol and medical gauze to disinfect the device or directly soak the instrument to meet safety. Prevention of wound infection during injection or surgery.
     When using alcohol 90 degrees ethanol should not be applied directly to the skin. It is best to soak alcohol in gauze and then wipe the disinfectant on the skin to be effective.
     Heat generating
     The main products in the market with names such as alcohol jelly, alcohol to burn for alcohol stoves are supplied from ethyl alcohol and other additives. There are two indispensable ingredients that play the role of ethanol and industrial alcohol.

therapeutic alcohol burning

They act as a very convenient and safe element compared to mini gas stoves used in chemical houses, restaurants, or home events, picnics, etc.

Note when using alcohol to burn to generate heat

  1. Put alcohol on the device and then light it up.
  2. Do not pour alcohol directly into a burning flame to reduce the possibility of burns and fire.

Used in cosmetic industry
     Alcohol plays an important role in the cosmetic industry, mainly perfumes, deodorants, etc., in which 96% refined alcohol or 99.5% absolute alcohol acts as a specialized element.
     In the field of popular cosmetic production, there are two main forms such as fatty alcohol and dry alcohol with different properties and effects:
     dry alcohol supply

This is a form of alcohol that has the same properties as alcohol in beer, often called aromatic alcohol 96 or sugar cane alcohol. They have the function of preserving and enhancing the life of perfume bottles. Mainly owning products such as rose water, sunscreen ... finished products using dry alcohol will help increase the ability to absorb nutrients quickly, help tighten pores and limit oil on the skin.

provide fatty alcohol used in cosmetics

Ethanol or corn alcohol has the ability to moisturize, soothe and soften the skin extremely effectively. Some common and safe fatty alcohols (except for allergic cases) include: cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, myristyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, behenyl alcohol.

70 degree ethanol alcohol used to mix essential oil perfumes

Ethanol 90 is used to make perfumes and essential oils

how long to disinfect hands with 90 degree ethanol alcohol
     If companies are interested in using alcohol to quickly disinfect or disinfect, the practice time is at least 30 seconds. We should scrub and safely respond to the injured skin that is exposed to the place to be washed and left to dry.

Currently, with a viral disease, it will be inactivated after 3-4 minutes of use. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to washing hands quickly. So the hand has not been completely destroyed, so it should still infect others.

Steps to disinfect hands with Ethanol 90
     First, take 3 - 5ml of hand sanitizer solution into your palm -» then rub your hands vigorously for one minute, rub your palms together and rub this palm on the back of the other hand and vice versa.

Factory supplying 90 degree ethanol in Ho Chi Minh City
     Quang Trung Alcohol Factory plays the role of a supplier specializing in supplying ethanol, in which owns 90 degree ethanol. Thanks to being a manufacturer specializing in supplying ethanol, Quang Trung Enterprise has the advantage of competitive selling prices.

  1. Standard of Ethanol 90 at Quang TrungChem
  2. Standard 1 refined alcohol meets TCVN 5603: 2021 IQS2610-GMP-20
  3. ISO 9001: 2008 CN number: IQS2610-QC-20
  4. 90 degree ethanol standard in compliance with QCVN 6-3: 2008/BYT
  5. Certificate of conformity with food safety regulation 1 No. 4415/GCNATTP-BQLATTP

delivery of 70 degree ethanol in danang

     Hopefully, the above sharing has satisfied contractors who know more about the price of 90-degree ethanol. If companies want to learn about alcohol products, please immediately connect with Quang Trung Manufacturing Co., Ltd to receive a thoughtful quote. The unit receives orders and supports bills of lading nationwide.


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công ty cung cấp cồn ethanol 90 độ tại Tp HCM
công ty cung cấp cồn ethanol 90 độ tại Tp HCM
Đơn vị cung cấp cồn ethanol 90 độ tại Tp HCM
Đơn vị cung cấp cồn ethanol 90 độ tại Tp HCM
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