How To Buy Bitcoin With Debit Card?

10:10, Saturday, 06 August, 2022
How To Buy Bitcoin With Debit Card?

Buy Bitcoin With Debit Card


In the earlier stage, it was a bit difficult to buy Bitcoin. But nowadays it is very easy to buy Bitcoin. A variety of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and online wallets, are available online for purchasing bitcoin with fiat. Crypto exchanges are needed for that.


We will share some easy steps to buy Bitcoin with a debit card which help you to process your transaction easily.


What is a debit card?


Through a debit card, you are able to make safe and easy payments online and in person using money right from your checking account. The money on your debit card is your own, not borrowed from a line of credit like you would with a credit card. Additionally, you can withdraw cash from ATMs with a debit card.


Steps to buy Bitcoin with debit card


Step1: - The first thing to do is to install the app that is suitable for you that you can use to purchase/sell cryptos.


Step2: - Verify your account and update the information to complete the verification.


Step3: - Once the account needs to be verified, they'll provide a payment method, then process your transaction with your debit card.


Step4: - Once the amount has been deposited in the wallet through your dedit card, then you can easily buy bitcoin with the help of your wallet.


Step5: - Now you’ve added the amount to your wallet, then search Bitcoin on your wallet to buy crypto.


These are the 5 simple steps that you have to follow to buy Bitcoin with debit card. Make sure that follow all the steps very carefully. Otherwise, you’ll get stuck while buying bitcoin.

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