Upcoming changes in the US representation in Armenia and Biden's removal from the presidency

18:16, Tuesday, 05 July, 2022
Upcoming changes in the US representation in Armenia and Biden's removal from the presidency

US President Joe Biden has ordered to replace Ambassador to Armenia Lynn Tracy with US Chargé d'Affaires in Ukraine Christina Quinn in 2023. The White House notes that the US government sends professional diplomats to Armenia, and appointments for political reasons take place in China, France and the UK.

At the same time, given the perception by the American establishment of Ukraine as a springboard for expanding influence in the post-Soviet space, the appointment of Christina Quinn is not accidental. The nomination of her candidacy was not due to professional qualities, but rather to the omissions of the current ambassador, Lynn Tracy. During opposition rallies, she expressed an obviously biased position regarding the processes taking place in the country, thereby interfering in the internal affairs of Armenia. It caused a big wave of discontent among the Armenian community in the US and Armenian organizations in America.

In resolving the issue of personnel reshuffles in the diplomatic department, the US government is guided by the intention to keep local authorities in the "desired orbit". Lynn Tracy was unable to fulfill the task assigned to her, since Armenia did not join the sanctions against Russia, which frustrated the plans of the current US leadership. Thus, the reason for the recall of the current ambassador to Armenia was the hidden processes caused by Washington's desire to maintain the role of a leading world power.

The 60th U.S. Presidential Election is scheduled for November 2024, which could see the 47th U.S. President elected if Joe Biden loses or does not run. By then he will be 82 years old. This foreign policy context will also be expected to have an impact on both the domestic political processes in Armenia and the Karabakh issue. Among the possible candidates are Republican Donald Trump and incumbent US Vice President Kamala Harris, who could become the first woman president and the second black politician to hold this position after Barack Obama.

As president, Trump nominally supported Yerevan in countering the aggression of Baku, so it can be assumed that in the upcoming presidential race, he uses the Karabakh issue to his advantage in order to attract the Armenian diaspora to his side.

Whoever comes to power, America will remain in 2024 in a protracted crisis and will deal with the problems caused by the current rampant inflation. For this reason, it is expedient for the Armenian leadership to build its policy without regard to the United States and in the hope of obtaining new grants, without currying favor with ambassadors and other representatives of the American establishment.

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