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00:59, Wednesday, 22 June, 2022
New Real Estate

In the current context, when real estate is in the boom phase, finding projects and golden opportunities is what investors also want. In order to help investors have more profits and safety in investment, New Real Estate was born to support and advise potential projects. New Real Estate - A place to help investors find and own golden opportunities.
     The real estate market continues to recover after the pandemic
     In 2021, the Covid-19 epidemic is still complicated and the economy faces many challenges, but real estate is still attracting the attention of the market. It is worth noting that with each epidemic, interest in real estate continues to grow exponentially.

In addition, the real estate market has received many positive incentives, including capital sources and low lending rates in the market. Foreign investors are aiming to develop the real estate market in the medium and long term. Therefore, foreign capital continues to "flow" into potential real estate areas and projects.

The real estate market also showed signs of recovery and good development in the first quarter.
     There are many investors who are selling or planning to sell their real estate projects in a short time. At the same time, the volume of real estate transactions increased monthly and gradually increased in most market segments. The real estate market has regained the balance between investment and business activities, as well as buying and selling for use.

Predict which real estate trend is on the throne
     According to many experts, after the epidemic, the green real estate trend will catch on, the group of people with high financial capacity will choose isolated houses such as villas, townhouses with garden, the rest focus on into busy suburban areas, large enough to be planned and built with green spaces to relieve pressure due to the effects of the prolonged isolation period.

In fact, since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, the trend of expanding to the periphery to buy houses in big cities has increased a lot, many people are looking for garden plots in areas with many ponds, lakes, hills, ... as the realization of the dream of green living space.

For the street-front rental segment, the remediation is slower and more difficult, not only due to the Covid-19 epidemic but also due to the tightened requirements on fire safety management. High development leads to people's demand, however, it still takes 1 to 2 years to reach 2019 demand levels.
     The brightest spot after the pandemic is probably the industrial real estate sector, due to limited supply and high demand from investors to manage the shift in the global commodity production chain that is still heading to Vietnam.

New Real Estate - A place to help investors find and own golden opportunities

New Real Estate's full name is New Real Estate Real Estate Investment Company Limited. New Real Estate mainly operates in the field of real estate consulting and business, sales cooperation for large projects in the market such as Novaland, Lumiere Boulevard ...

New Real Estate was founded by 3 real estate professionals, with 5 years of experience in the market, ensuring a safe understanding of real estate in all areas. New Real Estate always takes prestige and trust as its operating principles.
     With the experience and understanding of the market, New Real Estate always brings investors the perfect settlement solutions and highly profitable investment opportunities, ensuring safety and sustainability.

Coming to New Real Estate, investors will be advised by real estate experts with many years of experience in the market and provide detailed information about projects and areas that will cause real estate fever in the near future. next. The information that New Real Estate guarantees absolute accuracy, regularly updates market information to investors.

New Real Estate will advise and support customers with legal issues and procedures related to real estate, transfer, and real estate sales. Thereby helping customers avoid unnecessary risks in real estate transactions. Most of all, New Real Estate is currently the F1 of many top big investors such as Vinhome, Novaland, etc. Thereby ensuring to provide investors with attractive prices.

New Real Estate, is really an address worthy of investors' trust. If you have a need, you can contact New Real Estate via hotline or website for quick advice and support.
     View information about New Real Estate company at: https://duanmetropole.vn/new-real-estate/

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