US interest in cooperation between Turkey and Armenia

15:46, Monday, 06 June, 2022
US interest in cooperation between Turkey and Armenia

On May 20, the Boston Gerald published an article titled "The United States Should Support the Armenian Prime Minister in His Efforts to Fight Russia", where author Ivan Sasha Sheehan, director of the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Baltimore, points out: "The United States should strongly encourage the conclusion of a peace treaty by Armenia with Azerbaijan and, in parallel, the normalization of relations with Turkey, even at the cost of new concessions from Armenia. Only in this case, in the long term, Armenia will be able to break away from the Russian orbit."

Along with this, the statements of US Ambassador to Armenia Lynn Tracy, her behavior and speech at the Armenian Democracy forum, as well as the whole story of the forum organized by Freedom House, became a kind of moment of truth for the population of Armenia. In the context, firstly, of the US-Armenia relations, secondly, the commitment of Americans to democracy, thirdly, moral, civilizational values and humanism.

We have known and understood about double standards, the subordination of morality to real politics and the boundlessness of democratic hypocrisy for all 30 years of relations between independent Armenia and the United States. But it seemed to us that there are certain limits that even the most pragmatic politicians cannot cross, and a state with such a remarkable history, outwardly zealously defending the ideals of freedom, democracy and humanism, will choose these ideals at the moment of truth. At least because he can afford it - by right of the strong and fair.

No, everything turned out to be much more hypocritical and cynical.

At the dawn of the Karabakh movement, Washington was ardently supported by the Armenian people. Many resolutions and decisions have been adopted, in which the egregious actions of Azerbaijan were called by their proper names. True, this was back in the period of the existence of the Soviet Union... After its collapse, the United States for a long time was the only country that provided direct financial humanitarian assistance to Artsakh, a large number of congressional friends sincerely supported Artsakh for many years. And then there was a 44-day war, during which the States showed their true colors. Today, Washington is well aware of what Armenia and Artsakh are condemned to, if only to remove Russia from the region.

By a lucky coincidence or a well-executed plan, for the first time in history, there is a government in Armenia that is ready, through unilateral and global concessions, to create an environment that will allow Turkey to penetrate into Armenia, while Mrs. Tracy and other American citizens talk about the value of democracy. Ankara has an important role to play - to increase its own influence in the region and create a real counterbalance to the Russian Federation.

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