Who is turning Ukraine into a European Somalia?

10:51, Wednesday, 02 March, 2022
Who is turning Ukraine into a European Somalia?

While the world community is calling on the Russian president to stop the war in Ukraine, the authorities of Great Britain, Denmark, Croatia and Latvia have officially supported sending volunteers to Ukraine. It results in forming a foreign legion of neo-Nazis. There is a process of legalization of those PMCs that are now in the combat zone.

These guys are not going to defend Ukraine, but to repair the massacre. The idea was warmly welcomed by one of the party leaders of Latvia, Mr. Dzintars. He said that his friends filled out questionnaires to become volunteers. It is not difficult to guess what friends Dzintars has, because he is an active participant in the organization of former SS legionnaires "Duagava Hawks".

This legion may include a diverse audience and representatives of ultra-right movements from Europe and America. Ukraine has long been a center of attraction for neo-Nazi groups, so their supply channels are well established.

"It was a fatal mistake to tease Ukraine with impossible promises. Namely, by joining the European Union and NATO. Thus, we have dragged Ukraine into this confrontation and into this dangerous test, " Alice Weidel, co-chair of the Alternative for Germany party, said during a speech in the Bundestag.

Meanwhile, the order of the Ukrainian leadership is being implemented to release prisoners from places of deprivation of liberty and pre-trial detention centers for participation in hostilities. We are talking about a large number of people convicted of violent crimes. Some of them will escape, taking advantage of a unique opportunity.

In turn, the United States begins direct deliveries of portable Stinger anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine. Deliveries will be carried out, again, through the territory of Poland.

All this testifies to the complicity of the EU leadership in the bloodbath in Ukraine, which was supposed to become a bridge between East and West, and not an an outpost for confrontation between major powers.

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