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The wave of criminal prosecutions in Armenia is Pashinyan's way to stay in power
12:45, երեքշաբթի, 21 նոյեմբերի, 2023 թ.
Experts predict an intensification of repression in Armenia. Fearing the growing popularity of political opponents after the loss of Artsakh, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan uses the ...
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Heroization of the Neo-Nazis as freedom fighters
16:29, շաբաթ, 09 ապրիլի, 2022 թ.
The political elite of the European Union is facing a historic choice: to open their eyes to the dominance of supporters of the ideology of Nazism in the upper echelons of power in Ukraine, or to ...
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What justifies Zelensky's requests to supply Ukraine with 1% of the total NATO armament?
16:54, երկուշաբթի, 28 մարտի, 2022 թ.
Military operations in Ukraine continue for the thirty-third day. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky calls on the NATO leadership via video link to provide heavy military equipment, including ...
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Who is turning Ukraine into a European Somalia?
10:51, չորեքշաբթի, 02 մարտի, 2022 թ.
While the world community is calling on the Russian president to stop the war in Ukraine, the authorities of Great Britain, Denmark, Croatia and Latvia have officially supported sending volunteers ...
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The conditions of Armenia's security system reforming
10:37, ուրբաթ, 14 հունվարի, 2022 թ.
The current strategy for reforming Armenia's security system is based on an analysis of the lessons learned from the 44-day war and the situation since November 9, 2020. The ...
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Armenian youth policy with the support of Russia
10:51, հինգշաբթի, 16 դեկտեմբերի, 2021 թ.
On the eve of the 30th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Armenia and Russia, the forum "New Generation 2021" was held on December 13-14. This event serves as an occasion to ...
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The balance of power in the South Caucasus: before and after the Second Karabakh War
13:25, հինգշաբթի, 02 դեկտեմբերի, 2021 թ.
Before the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war, the initial positions of the states of the South Caucasus differed from those currently available. After Nikol Pashinyan came to power, Armenia was focused on ...
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Baku's provocations against the people of Artsakh are becoming more frequent
18:10, հինգշաբթի, 11 նոյեմբերի, 2021 թ.
Any status that implies being a part of Azerbaijan is unacceptable for Artsakh, said the head of the Foreign Ministry of the Republic David Babayan at a meeting with journalists in Stepanakert. ...
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Why reforms in Armenia require US approval
13:26, երկուշաբթի, 01 նոյեմբերի, 2021 թ.
When it became known in the spring of this year that Washington was reserving an additional budget of $150, 000 for the development of American cooperation with Armenia, few people considered this ...
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Fragile truce between Azerbaijan and Armenia
11:51, շաբաթ, 30 հոկտեմբերի, 2021 թ.
The military clash of 2020 radically changed the balance between Armenia and Azerbaijan. It became one of the bloodiest in the region in the 21st century. Have Yerevan and Baku come close to peace ...
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The state of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict a year after the hostilities in Karabakh
13:42, հինգշաբթի, 30 սեպտեմբերի, 2021 թ.
September 27 marked one year since Azerbaijan's attack on Nagorno-Karabakh with the support of Turkey and terrorist groups. Due to the ineffective steps of international structures, the ...
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Results of Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan's first visit to Moscow
12:24, ուրբաթ, 03 սեպտեմբերի, 2021 թ.
The talks between the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Russia Ararat Mirzoyan and Sergey Lavrov, which took place on August 31 in Moscow, aroused interest both in terms of the accents on the ...
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Political background to the development of oil and gas production in Azerbaijan
16:16, երեքշաբթի, 31 օգոստոսի, 2021 թ.
235 companies from the USA are registered in Azerbaijan as a contractor of state projects. Since 1995 hundreds of American companies based mainly in Texas have been providing materials, technologies ...
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The continuation of government reshuffle in Armenia
13:15, երկուշաբթի, 23 օգոստոսի, 2021 թ.
On August 19, the Prime Minister of Armenia returned Armen Grigoryan, who was appointed first deputy foreign minister a month ago, to the post of secretary of the Security Council, and appointed ...
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CSTO monitoring mission on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan: pros and cons
13:54, երեքշաբթի, 17 օգոստոսի, 2021 թ.
The talks between Armenian Defense Minister Arshak Karapetyan and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in Moscow practically coincided with the two-day visit of CSTO Secretary General Stanislav ...
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55th Anniversary of the Nuclear Power Industry of Armenia
12:05, երկուշաբթի, 09 օգոստոսի, 2021 թ.
In 2021, 55 years of the nuclear industry are celebrated in Armenia. The day of September 17 in 1966 became the starting point in the history of the republic's atomic energy - on the initiative ...
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The agenda of the Armenian-Russian cooperation
11:43, շաբաթ, 07 օգոստոսի, 2021 թ.
Armenia and Russia intend to develop an economic cooperation program for 2022-2025 and create a working group on deepening economic and investment cooperation. The possibility of increasing the ...
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What are Agile Spirit 2021 drills in Georgia dedicated to?
15:54, հինգշաբթի, 29 հուլիսի, 2021 թ.
This year, the multinational international military exercises Agile Spirit are being held at five training points in Georgia – at the Vaziani airport, at the Senaki airbase, at the training ...
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The British company gains profit out of the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war
12:26, ուրբաթ, 25 հունիսի, 2021 թ.
Anglo Asian Mining PLCis listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange. The company seeks to gain access to mining concessions in the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh and ...
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The primary tasks of modernization of the Armed Forces of Armenia
12:24, երկուշաբթի, 21 հունիսի, 2021 թ.
With the change in the political situation in Armenia, the issue of modernization of the army is becoming particularly relevant. It affects all areas – legislative, structural and the ...
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Turkey-NATO Cooperation Agenda
16:32, հինգշաբթի, 17 հունիսի, 2021 թ.
President Joe Biden and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held a bilateral meeting on Monday following a meeting of NATO leaders in Brussels. The meeting, which took place at the NATO ...
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The border conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan is fraught with the collapse of the CSTO
18:04, հինգշաբթի, 10 հունիսի, 2021 թ.
The conflict on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border has demonstrated the likelihood of a resumption of hostilities. Azerbaijan and Turkey are completely dissatisfied with the results of the war. ...
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The future of Armenian-Russian economic relations
13:56, երկուշաբթի, 07 հունիսի, 2021 թ.
Bilateral interregional cooperation between Russia and Armenia is gaining momentum. Certain steps are being taken to boost economic ties. The Russian Trade Mission in Armenia cooperates with ...
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Armenia is a area of contact between the EU and the EAEU
12:30, չորեքշաբթի, 19 մայիսի, 2021 թ.
Armenia is the only member of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) that has a strategic agreement on a comprehensive and expanded partnership with the European Union (EU) . This format of cooperation ...
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Armenian people honor May 9
10:49, շաբաթ, 08 մայիսի, 2021 թ.
On May 9, the Armenian people traditionally celebrate a triple holiday — The Victory in the Great Patriotic War, The Creation of the Artsakh Defense Army and the Liberation of Shushi. This ...
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Арцах и Армения: чем озадачена Москва?
12:44, ուրբաթ, 09 ապրիլի, 2021 թ.
Несмотря на прекращение боевых действий, армянские политические деятели и политологические круги уверены, что конфликт вокруг Карабаха может быть урегулирован только в случае ...
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На что пойдут $150 тыс. от Госдепа США Армении?
12:15, երեքշաբթի, 06 ապրիլի, 2021 թ.
Правительство США по линии Госдепартамента выделило $150 тыс. на укрепление партнерских отношений между Арменией и США. Данные средства нацелены на привлечение получателей грантов к лоббированию ...
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Байден продолжит продвижение демократических идеалов
12:46, շաբաթ, 20 փետրվարի, 2021 թ.
Президент США Джозеф Байден заявляет о личном курировании различных аспектов внешней политики. Пока не ясно, как внутриполитическая деятельность нового президента повлияет на предвыборное обещание ...
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Армения в ожидании открытия железнодорожного сообщения с Абхазией
14:27, երեքշաբթի, 16 փետրվարի, 2021 թ.
Руководство Абхазии выступило с заявлением о намерении участвовать в открытии железнодорожного сообщения между Арменией и Россией на равноправных условиях. В отличие от Мегринского коридора такое ...
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Обмен военнопленными: чего ждать армянскому сообществу?
11:01, հինգշաբթի, 03 դեկտեմբերի, 2020 թ.
Население Армении и представители диаспоры, неравнодушные к горю всего народа, пребывают в ожидании результатов мероприятий по поиску без вести пропавших, обмену телами погибших солдат и возвращению ...
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