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Best Offline Strategy Games for Android

divya sharma
divya sharma
17:17, երկուշաբթի, 24 հունվարի, 2022 թ.
Best Offline Strategy Games for Android
     Perhaps you're enjoying yourself with five shining bars now, but tomorrow might be a whole other storey altogether.. It's possible that it's nothing more than a plane journey. Alternatively, a bill that has gone unpaid. Alternatively, you may be out on the tundra with a bowie knife, hunting wild boar. Whatever the situation may be, it occurs. It's also not a nice sight. Not to be concerned. Hardcore Droid has your back when it comes to dealing with some of life's most difficult issues. The following is a list of the greatest offline strategy games for Android that were released in the year 2020. In other words, the greatest Android offline strategy games that can be played without the need of a Wi-Fi connection. Your father would appreciate it if you remember to thank us when he pays the phone bill.

10. Civilization Revolutions 2 is the tenth instalment in the Civilization Revolutions series
     It's not Civilization VI, or even Civilizations I through V. Yes, on mobile devices, the Civilization formula has been simplified. Despite this, Civ Rev's user interface betrays the game's complexity. While you won't be able to micromanage every facet of your burgeoning civilization like you do in the big boy Civs, the game does provide a wealth of activities to help you defeat your opponents and keep your people going upward. Civilization Revolution 2 is a breath of fresh air in a mobile gaming space saturated with trash city building sims designed around the perpetual extraction of dollars. It's not only a well-designed made-for-mobile title designed for enjoyment, but it's also a genuinely well-designed made-for-mobile title designed for enjoyment.


9. Iron Marines
     On Google Play, this is perhaps the greatest RTS game. Also, it's probably the only one that works on a smartphone. Iron Marines takes the RTS idea and simplifies and pairs it down for the little screen, thanks to the superb game creators at Ironhide studios (see: the Kingdom Rush Series below) . Ironhide, like the other Kingdom Rush games, not only has a lot going on behind its cartoonish facade, but it's also a lot of fun to play. Iron Marines delivers a multitude of great RTS things beneath the hood, such as a bevvy of troops, buckets of upgrades, hero units, and a wealth of objectives, as well as actual RTS missions and combat that is high performing and well-balanced. If you're without internet and you like the RTS paradigm, here is the first and final place you should go.


8. Cops on the Run
     For aficionados of tactics and stealth, HandyGames' excellent tactical sim is a must-have. Rebel Cops is a spinoff of This is the Police 1 and 2, and unlike its predecessors, it focuses on tactics rather than simulation, which we love. In Rebel Cops, you'll be in charge of a rogue team of cops who, fed up with local corruption, have set out to eliminate the organised criminal elements who have tainted local law enforcement. Missions are similar to a stripped-down version of XCOM with a stealth component. You manage your crew between missions while also sponsoring local grassroots efforts to win over the people. Although some of the objectives are a little lengthy for a mobile game, the game's outstanding and hard tactics tasks make it a must-have for armchair tacticians.


     8. Plague Inc
     Plague Inc. has you controlling the growth and spread of a deadly virus, based on an incredibly horrible concept, particularly in light of current events.

Following the designation of a source, you begin controlling your initially innocuous microbe, modifying its development as you go in order to build a catastrophic epidemic that annihilates civilization. You claim it's bad timing. Sure. However, we did shift it back from No. 4 in our defence. It's not only a fantastic simulation in and of itself, but it's also a scientifically realistic simulation of how human-borne diseases interact and develop on a global scale. Sales of Plague Inc. have soared since the start of the COVID epidemic, particularly in China, where it was finally outlawed. Plague Inc. is the best game for Sims fans who prefer playing the adversary. For the rest of us, the game is not only enthrallingly entertaining, but it also explains how viruses work and why wearing your stupid mask isn't such a terrible idea.


     6. North is a bad place
     Bad North began as a PC indie, but it's a natural match for mobile. It combines the simplicity and defensive strategies of tower defence with the unrestricted mobility of a real-time strategy game. You play as a Viking captain who is island hopping in order to gain friends and flee the advancing horde of his pillaging kinsmen. Visiting new islands rewards you with new talents, equipment, and companions, as well as defensive tasks in which you must repel the newest wave of Norse ravagers.

The gameplay in the game is difficult and detailed enough to offer intense clashes. The game's visual design, though, is possibly its crowning achievement, with cel-shaded images that are both whimsical and mediaeval in style, reminiscent of the Bayeux Tapestry. However, with basic, humorous sound effects and spritely visuals that evoke a fighting flea circus, the focus is firmly on the whimsical. Bad North can keep you occupied for hours if your Wi-Fi is down and you need to scratch your strategic itch.


5. Kingdom Rush Series
     Some Android tower defence aficionados would tell you that the Kingdom Rush titles represent the beginning and the end of the genre. And they'd be correct. The uninformed may be excused for assuming that the Kingdom Rush games are infantile due to their high fantasy concept and line-drawn cartoony universe. They wouldn't be mistaken.

Without a sure, youngsters all over the world are gleefully tapping away at them, but they are also really well-designed and detailed. True, Kingdom Rush's small little towers often include miniature guys with swords and arrows. However, there are a number of towers to choose from, each with its own set of levels and advantages. Similarly, there are waves of unique opponent kinds, whose features are provided forth for the player when they first encounter them. While we're on the topic of diversity, the game has fantastic monsters that cause havoc in a number of ways, as well as heroes who level up RPG-style. On addition, between missions, you may level up those heroes, towers, and talents in the backend. For tower defence lovers, Kingdom Rush is a genuine feast. Its many features are well-balanced, resulting in a clever and rewarding strategic experience.

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